I am passionate about design and user behaviours. My goal is to design a Service and UX that create users loyalty in addition to a great experience.



Engaging people with their energy consumption


ACRE and Fortum have realised that people in general aren’t interested in energy related issues. It’s believed that if people were more interested in the topic and aware of how their actions relate to energy consumption, the total amount of consumed energy could be reduced. The companies have created applications that aim to engage people to track their energy consumption but the applications have not reached their full potential. The project aims to find a way to engage people of Otaniemi and inform them in an interactive way about their energy consumption.



A research about MaaS in respect to its design and value propositions


European Commission and Aalto University aim to investigate how new type of mobility concepts can benefit users and environments. Mobility as a service "MaaS" is a new concept that provides a platform to travel from point A to B in an integrated manner. MaaS combines all means of transportation, such as public transport, car sharing, bike sharing, and taxi into a single service. In short, by subscribing to a single service, users can have access to several transport options and service providers will manage everything else, such as route finding, travel planning, and payments.

The goal of the project is to analyse and benchmark current MaaS product in respect to its design and value propositions. A set of recommendations is presented based on the findings. These recommendations can be implemented to improve the user experience of the service, and to enhance the progress of integration and adoption of MaaS into the current transportation system.


Transforming Control & Monitoring into a desirable and sustainable Service Business


Kemira’s C&M services support chemical sales and enhance the company’s footprint within current and new clients. C&M services are highly beneficial for the customers, yet they are often offered as appendices to chemical treatment contracts due to industry conventions. The team’s original challenge was to look for potential ways to move forward in C&M service sales. The brief was gradually redefined: to design a novel, desirable and sustainable standalone data-based service offering to meet the needs of Municipal & Industrial segment in the United States.



Monitoring motivation of employees to offer a new service which provides suitable support and tools


The project aims to design a solution concept for Ilmarinen, a pension insurance company, by implementing agile development process and practices suited for this specific case.  The goal is to develop a new service that would be consistent with the strategic objectives and values of Ilmarinen, including openness, responsibility and improving the well-being of employees. Furthermore, Ilmarinen aims to offer more digital services in order to bring more value to individuals and small companies especially.



Analyzing the strategies used by Aalto University to promote its brand locally and globally


Aalto University provides a multi-artistic and multidisciplinary platform for students. Design Factory, Media Factory and Service Factory are platforms that brings students from different disciplines and schools together in order to collaborate for a better future. However, many students do not consider the full study possibilities provided by Aalto University in selecting which University to apply for.

The project aim to analyze how this platforms and multidisciplinary programs are being communicated and promoted locally and globally with students, society, industries, and partners. For doing this, we analyze the strategies used by Aalto University to promote its brand and the messages it sends to its target group through different communication means and how these strategies and messages are different from its competitors.